Clark Gordon              

Clark Gordon was born in rural countryside of Six Lakes, Michigan in 1954. Living in the country forced Clark to become resourceful at an early age. It was here that he began to develop his artistic passion, now known as “The Green Effect” - transforming discarded goods into useful items. In 1973, attracted by the rediscovery of Classic era automobiles and motorcycles as art forms Clark established a restoration facility and joined the effort. Clark was drawn to Detroit, Michigan in 1979 by the opportunity to operate on a larger scale working for Richard Kughn and his private museum, Carail.

While holding the position of curator, he had the pleasure of restoring award-winning automobiles with names like Auburn Cord and Duesenberg. Perhaps Clark’s most important project at Carail was his work with renowned automotive designer Gordon Buehrig - the father of the model 810 Cord. Clark worked as a team leader on Mr. Buehrig’s last and most spectacular automobile design, the Buehrig automobile. After years of working with extraordinary vehicles Clark decided to pursue his artist dream. He left Carail to assist master photorealist, Peter Maier, and now life long friend in perfecting a new environmentally safe media which allows stunning life sized portraits.

In 1991 while consulting with K-tool International, a tool wholesaling company, regarding appropriate art to decorate their new distribution facility Clark determined that mechanics hand tools should be used as the media for this application. His success in this project leads him to the realization that this media forms the perfect synthesis of all his previous endeavors. Using the tools of his former profession, which he understands so well as the raw materials for his creations, its Clark’s unique talent to transform their geometric shapes into primitive modernistic and abstract forms. Looking at one of Clark’s sculpture you will not see the media, but wonderful character he gives each one.

About Detroit Knows Cars

The Detroit Knows Cars exhibit illustrates the many different approaches to portraying the aesthetics, beauty, and significance of automobiles.  The exhibit includes painting, photography, and sculpture - all confirming the notion that the automobile is an appropriate subject of fine art.

Event Details

Detroit Knows Cars will be on display January 7, 2012 through January 28, 2012 from 8 AM - 6 PM in the lobby of the Chase Tower Building, and is free and open to the public.

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